Steam Powered Giraffe band

Cinco de Mayo is a grand event that held every year on May 5. In the beginning, it was celebrated only in the Mexican state of Puebla, then in large Spanish areas of the USA. Over the last few years though, the event started to take place in Brazil and other parts of South America.

Maybe it was luck that this year I decided to visit Rio at the start of May. I have to say lucky because I have never been witness to a festival like this before. After arriving in Rio, I was in a mood to visit as many places as I can. Events, bars, festivals; everything that Rio has to offer.

The first step that I took in order to have fun, was to inquire among the local people about what was happening in the district. I was surprised that almost everyone recommended that I visit the event called Cinco de Mayo, and the performance of the Steam Powered Giraffe band. I did some research and I was a little skeptical after finding out that they are part of the Steampunk subculture. I wasn’t really familiar with it, but I decided to take a risk and go to their performance.

I am not usually a fan of that kind of music, but their interpretation and act was awesome. They were dressed in Steampunk costumes and acting like robots during what could only be described as a pantomime performance. Hydraulics hissed and motors started up as three robots came onto the stage and started moving in a mechanical style. After the music started to play, the band began to belt out a three part harmony. The robots of Steam Powered Giraffe were like nothing I’ve ever seen. They started with malfunctioning jokes and after just a few moments, it was clear that this was a one-of-a-kind performance, and they are more than just a band.

steam powered giraffe band image

Their Steampunk costumes were so realistic, and combined with all of their synchronized movements, they took my breath away. They were all wearing hats and their faces were colorfully painted to match the masks that they wore. I have to say that this kind of performance was so unique, I will remember it fondly for a very long time.

After the band finished, most of us spilled out of the club and onto the streets of Rio for an impromptu street party. We danced and laughed until the very early hours of the morning. I can’t say that I have had a more memorable night in my life.

Accommodation in Peru

When travelling to South America, you might now want to miss this beautiful country where most travelers go to view the most famous spots of the region. This country has a lot of scenic places and luxury accommodations that can rival any other tourist place in the world.

Since Peru has a rich history of several ancient civilizations, it has a lot of attractive sites that tourist can go to. Private luxury tours provide visits to the most interesting historic sites in Peru, elegant accommodations, and activities with local residents that will have you experience the rich culture of this Andean country.

Machu Picchu image

One of the main attractions of the place is the Machu Picchu, the finest ancient citadel of Peru. For this trip, you may want to stay at Inkaterra Macchu Picchu Pueblo Hotel, one of the best 5-star hotels in the area. The vast rainforest of Peru, the Amazon Jungle occupying more than two-thirds of Peru’s landscapes, is home to millions of species of animals and plants. Peru is also a major producer of bamboo in the Andean region, which can then be processed into wood panels, paper, biofuel and bamboo textiles like bamboo bed sheets and towels.

Bamboo Plants image

Another fantastic place to go to is the Lake Titicaca at the border of Peru and Bolivia. It has been home to a rich culture that lived in harmony with nature. You can also visit islands made entirely out of woven reed. After a day’s adventure in this area, you may want to spend the evening at Titilaka Hotel, a wonderful luxury lodge with a scenic view on the lake.

Whenever you plan on having a luxury trip with your loved ones in South America, think of Peru.

Tips for Travelling with Babies in South America

Just because you have young children does not mean that you will have to avoid vacationing with them. Actually, taking the children for your upcoming South American experience is definitely a lovely way to have a family adventure with everyone included. It is a lot easier than you imagine, and our fast and simple tips will help you plan your once in a lifetime journey.

And before you start your journey there are few preparation steps that for to make to ensure your trip to pass in the best order

The most important thing on every journey is always to hold your family healthy.

First, you have to determine the need for vaccines. There are a lot of hot regions in South America, which demand a yellow fever protection. For moms who are still breastfeeding, is not recommended to accept any kind of vaccine. Parents should be careful with providing any type of vaccine for their children if they are under 2 years old.  Probably the best way of avoiding yellow-fever is to stay in places that are at higher altitude and a good tip can be to avoid the jungle locations. Another way to prevent many health problems, especially with your children is to prevent contact with insects (clothe your baby in long, light clothing and rub them with an organic insect balm). Also, a good tip is to have lots of antidiarrheals prepared and a first aid kit for any case. But always the best advice for keeping your children safe is to ask for doctor opinion before you start the journey.

south america mum and baby image

Investigate Your Selected Destination

First if all, when you are exploring your destination in order to keep your family safe  is to have updated information about the current situation in the chosen country. Developments in countries in South America can transform within an hour or a day. So, the first simple action is to analyze all details about the country you are visiting on the web, or to check out the magazines and journals. Additionally, guidebooks are also a good idea to purchase prior to your trip. They can provide you with all of the history and information regarding the country you are visiting. They can also provide you with some useful information like contacts of accommodation places,  taxi numbers, or similar things.

Be prepared for the weather condition

It is a basic recommendation, but still, children that are dressed in clothes which are consistent with current temperatures are going to be more pleased when they first find themselves in a new surrounding.

Remember the baby wipes

Whether all your children are still in a need of nappy or not, always take with you the baby wipes. They can be helpful for cleaning the baby skin, hands, cleaning up seats, or other surfaces. Also, small bottles of hand cleanser might help you in many situations, but first ensure that you are not breaking the laws regarding holding fluids in some states.

Buy a kid locator

In a case your baby had just started to walk, it won’t be pleased if you hold with them using a backpack with a leash, or similar equipment which might restrict their movement. Instead, you can monitor their movement in an open space places like  flight terminals, train stops and squares using a child locator. It is a little device (secured to the belt or shoes) so you can control it with a transmitter. If accidentally lost your children trigger the alarm system, then just stick to the noise and locate them.

A couple of places which are not advisable to travel with children

For sure the major countries in South America are excellent for taking the journey with your family, but still, some places need to be ignored since they are sometimes unsafe or too isolated, or the temperatures are too high. For example, you are likely to avoid places like Colombia or Venezuela if you travel with your children. But, with a little carefulness in mind, the majority of locations are great for family journey and here are some examples:

– Buenos Aires, the capitol of Argentina is a great place if you need to bring the western European culture taste to your South America trip. Buenos Aires along with their natural stone avenues, awesome western European design of the buildings and delicious food, for sure will impress your journey. You’ll find plenty of exceptional galleries and other similar places to visit with your children for sure.

– Torres del Paine National Park in Chile is a place for active explorers, as they will certainly enjoy the walkings around this park. Chile is one of South America’s most financially stable country, plus developed road network  will make your journey very easy to take together with your children. You might also decide to camp here if you are up for an adventure.

My Jazz Club Visit In Buenos Aires

Spending time abroad on a vacation can bring you and your family some great memories. Vacations are an excellent time to relax, have fun and make memories that will last for the rest of your life. That kind of experience for me was visiting Argentina, the capital Buenos Aires. It is very easy to have a great time there when Buenos Aires has so much to offer.

Buildings of European design and stone avenues are scattered all over the city. There is also a rich cultural life and the many theatres, museums and music clubs. Buenos Aires was predestined to make me beautiful memories of my holiday.

Street Band Buenos Aires image

But in the mosaic of my memories there was one particular event that contributes the most to my extraordinary experience in Argentina. As a real music lover, I decide to visit a local jazz club one night. I wasn’t too full of expectations because Buenos Aires is a big city and I was just a couple days here so I was hoping to find the right kind of place for me. But still with a slight dose of enthusiasm I started my search. I decided to ask around with local people to see if I can get some useful information. And after a few conversations, I was already happy because many of them told me that I was in the right place because nearby there is great club called Thelonious Jazz Club.

I decide to take a chance and after short wandering among the streets I found the club. I was welcomed as I entered and the barmen immediately recognized that I am a tourist. He asked me one simple question – Are you a real jazz music lover? My answer was yes, so he told me – this is your lucky night.

I have to say it didn’t take too much time to conclude that he was right. It was Saturday night so in the club were two bands in the lineup for performance tonight. Shortly after they started the warm-up, I already felt the rhythm pulsing within in me. This was definitely the kind of place that showcases first-rate jazz. The club was full so I decide to take a seat at the bar. The first thing to grab my attention besides the music, was the broad spectrum of different drinks offered. I decide to try some unusual combination so I order some fashionable drink cocktail called ‘Fernet’ together with espresso to give me a real buzz.

I was surrounded by old fashioned hipsters and jazz fans, but also I noticed some tourists. After a short warm-up the bands has the whole place grooving in a very short time. The music was mostly made on the base of old school and classic jazz songs, but I also recognise some of the great jazz hits from many performers.

The time passed by so quickly (and also the drinks) so after a few hours I was in a delirium. I didn’t want to leave the great performances. I certainly I didn’t feel the couple of hours that I spent there. At the end of the first set, the guys from the bands take few drinks with the guests like they have known each other for a years. I conclude that the most people here are regular guests and they known to the band members. I can’t imagine not being a regular guest at a such place that has offered me so much enjoyment and pleasure. The only fact that I didn’t like was that the party ended and I was forced to leave the place. But the memories will stay for sure. I think that every fashionable city in the world should have a club like this whether it comes to London, New York or Milano. But I think and Buenos Aires is not really lagging behind these cities and for sure Thelonious jazz club is one of the greatest symbols of Buenos Aires.